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Youth Programs

Under the direction of the Rav, Rabbi Neuberger & Rabbi Scheinberg we are pleased to announce our new youth programs. If you have any questions please email


  • Boys grades 2 - 5: Learning Megilas Rus at 6:00pm until 6:40pm followed by a pizza dinner until 7:00. Led by Rabbi Neuberger.
  • Boys grades 6 - 8: Mishmar at 8:15pm. Led by Rabbi Scheinberg.

Friday Night:

  • Mesivta boys and older: Learning program 7:45 until 8:30 followed by Oneg at 6 Tammy Road. Led by Rabbi Neuberger.

Shabbos Groups:

  • Boys groups: 9:35am until the end of Davening for grades 1 - 5. There will be Davening, Kiddush, games and stories. Led by Rabbi Neuberger in the side room.
  • Girls groups: 9:40am until the end of davening for grades 1 - 4. There will be Davening, Kiddush, games and stories. Led by Faige Neuberger at 6 Tammy Road. There will be adult supervision for crossing the road to and from groups.
  • Pirchei: Shabbos afternoon  for 1st grades and up. Pirchei will be 40 minutes before Mincha. Led by Rabbi Neuberger.
  • Bnos: Every other week at 2pm. Bnos will take place at Kehillas Zichron Yitzchok (108 McNamara R' Teichmans Shul).

Motzei Shabbos (Seasonal):

  • Father and Son Learning Program: The program starts at 6:30pm. Led by Rabbi Scheinberg.

Shabbos Youth Minyan (Once a Month):

  • Davening for  teens downstairs in the Simcha Hall. This Minyan runs about once a month. Davening starts at 8:50am. Led by Rabbi Scheinberg.


Sat, April 13 2024 5 Nisan 5784