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Email Addresses

We have recently updated the shul's email system. As we have grown spiritually and physically as a Kehilla, we have divided up some of the email responsibilities. We have created a few new email addresses in order to communicate a little better. There will be more coming in the future so stay tuned. Please use the following addresses:

1) – This address is used for general Shul announcements, events and Shul communications.

2) – This address is for communications with our Gabboim. Please use it for any modifications to your requested names for the Cholim list and any other Gabbai specific communication.

3) – This address is for requests to book the Simcha Hall.

4) – This address is for any communication with our treasurer. Please use it for requesting invoices, questions about payments and donations.

5) – This address is for reserving your seats. It is mostly used during Yomim Noraim time.

6) – This address is by requested subscription only. If you wish to join this list please send them an email. Please use it for any announcements regarding nonspecific Shul events, ride sharing, lost items, need for items etc. If you do not subscribe to this list you will not get the emails.

We hope to launch a members only email list as well as a youth program email list shortly.


Thank You

Fri, April 12 2024 4 Nisan 5784