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Membership Letter 5782 (2021/2022)


Dear Friend:


Despite the challenges of this past difficult "COVID year", the shul Baruch Hashem, has experienced great hatzlacha and has continued to grow this past year. Under the guidance of our Morah D’asra Rabbi Ari Senter, Shlit’a, our daily minyanim, daf yominight seder , kolel, shiurim and various chesed programs continue to thrive and have even increased.


Boruch Hashem, our Beis Hakneses is nearly full to capacity on any given Shabbos.  We have welcomed many new families to our community and to our shul this year. In addition to the constant kol torah of the Kolel Zichron Shneur Wesley, the Shul has also added the Shivti program and Kolel chavrusas available to all the baalei batim of our Shul. The Shul is open at all hours for davening and learning with the lights, heat and AC running- all at great expense.  We plan this year as in past years to continue to invite noted speakers and Scholars in Residence such as Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rabbi YY Jacobson, Rabbi Mansour for the benefit of the klal. This year again the Avos ubanim program was a huge success thanks to the work of Rabbi Scheinberg and Bentzi Cohen.  All of these efforts in and about the shul come at a great expense to the Shul.


Therefore, at this time, as we do before every Rosh Hashanah, we ask all of our mispalelim to contribute towards these efforts by purchasing an annual membership. Membership for this upcoming year has not been raised and remains $1,000. For all existing members, this year, unless you notify us otherwise, the shul will automatically renew your membership from last year. We are asking all new mispalelim who daven at the shul on a regular basis, to purchase a membership at this time.


The membership fees help defray the high costs of maintaining our beautiful Beis Hakneses. Being a member also entitles you and your family to seats for the Yomim Noraim (details will follow below) as well as to discounts for the rental of the simcha hall and to shul functions throughout the year. The simcha hall rates are amongst the lowest in the area and we need your help to keep the costs low. If you have never signed up for membership before, please do so by going to the following link on the Shul’s website


Main minyan seating for Yomim Nahroyim:

If you need to update your Aliyah card, this can be done as well on the membership form. After you have completed the form and filled in the seating requests, should you have any other question or concerns regarding seating be use this email to Tzvi Zev Fine will respond back to you in a timely manner. Should you have any other question or concerns regarding seating please contact Tzvi Zev Fine.  Tzvi Zev at 917-797-2249. For non-members, each seat for the Yomim Noraim will cost $175.  Seating inquiries should be emailed to

It is very important that you complete the membership form and make your seating requests as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate all seating requests. However, due to the influx of new mispallelim and the large Yom Tov crowd we expect, priority with regard to men’s and ladies seating will be given to members who have committed to the Building Fund.


All new mispalelim as well as any other families who have not yet committed to the Building Fund are asked to do so at this time. The Building Fund contribution per family is $5,000. These funds must be collected so that the Shul may repay debt incurred as a result of the building project as well as fund other capital improvements which are scheduled to take place. There are still a number of dedication opportunities available in the building. For example, the Shul would like to create an Aron Hakodesh at Beis Beri and order new Aron , Amud and Peroches covers for the Beis Medrash. We can not commence these orders until such time that the funds have been fully pledgedWe would like to complete these projects but need your sponsorships in order to do so. If you would like to sponsor any project, please contact Ari Kluger or Uri Kirschner.


There is currently, unfortunately, a large balance of uncollected past membership fees and donation commitments that remain outstanding in our books. It is very difficult for us to maintain the Shul, and prepare for the new year with such a large number of outstanding funds. To address this, we will be sending out a statement this week of your outstanding commitments. Thanks to the hard work of our bookkeeper Mordy Koslovsky, we believe that the Shul’s books are up-to-date. If, however, you disagree with your balance due and have records of payments that we may have not recorded properly, please manually adjust the statement and send in what you feel you owe along with your modified statement.

We strongly urge you to pay your past due invoices by this Rosh Hashanah so that we can clear the books from these past due commitments and move ahead with a clean slate. All new membership dues for this upcoming year and donations committed during the upcoming Yomim Noraim and Succos will not be billed until after Yom Tov. We ask, though, that these new obligations be paid as soon as possible and no later than December 31, 2021. Please make payments by December 31, 2021 in order to receive donation receipts for the 2021 tax year. For any inquiries regarding billing matters, please contact Mordy Koslovsky at (718) 755-1700 or via email at


As in the past the Shul is offering Shalesh Seudas starting after Succos until Pesach. We are looking for weekly sponsorships at the suggested amount of $125.00 to cover the costs. If you have a particular week you would like to sponsor please email or call Yoel Megdesh. Tel: 917-232-7496 or email:


Our Gabboyim make efforts to keep track of people’s Yartzheit. To assist on this, they need the Hebrew name, Hebrew date and relation. Please send a reminder to the Gabboyim before you’re a Chiyuv, it will be very appreciative.

If you would like to use the Shul’s simcha room, please book your simcha with Moshe Reich. Moshe can be reached at (845)323-5057. One new rule going into effect immediately, any new bookings will need to pay for 50% of rental fee upfront and the balance must be paid a week before the event. Our cleaning costs have gone up tremendously and people are not paying the rental fee in a timely manner. We are also attaching a one-page simcha hall contract that needs to be completed before the booking is finalized.


 If you would like to borrow any chairs or tables from the Shul , you may do so only upon making a request through Michael Zimerman.  He can be reached at (914) 490-3177.


Useful contact information.

            Building dedications:

Ari Kluger: - 917-923-7072

Uri Kirschner:  - 917-697-2243


Yomim Naroim seating:

Tzvi Zev Fine - 917-797-2249  (both will receive your email)


Simcha Hall Info:

R' Moshe Reich: - 845-323-5057

Michael Zimerman: 914-490-3177 [Table and Chairs]


            Shalesh Seudas Info

Yoel Megdesh  917-232-7496 or email:



Mordy Koslovsky:  - 718-755-1700


General questions or


May Hashem grant us all a Ksiva Vchasima Tova.



Sat, May 28 2022 27 Iyyar 5782